Magento Tutorial

  1. Magento Product Email Notification

    Magento Product email Notification to send mail to subscriber to new product created and every time
    product save with the price changes . You can alert your subscriber about the your new product or
    the product price change . It have the following option to send notification .

    • Have an enable/disaple notification .
    • Generate your own design email template .
    • Email from name .
    • Email from your email .

    It have the feature to send newsletter of product notification manualy .



    • Working with magento newsletter .
    • Send mail to every subscriber.
    • First time product save after "Mage Product Email Notification" extension installed .
    • Every time product price changed increase or decrease .
    • Mail sent only a product visibility "Enables" & Product have a stock .
    • Manual send Newsletter of product notification .
    • Related Product also added to email .
    • Manual feach the subscriber log .
    • Cron to Send mail .
    • limit Daily mail .
    • Limit to Daily mail per eamil .
    • Limit to Mail Per cron .
    • Send Mail by Email Order by Descending .
    • Send Mail by Price Order by Descending .
    • Send Mail by Product ID Order by Descending .

    Newsletter Variable

    Newsletter Variable can use in Transactional Emails

    • {{var items_html}} get Product detail { Name , Description , Price } .
    • {{var items_related}} get 3 Related Product detail { Name , Description , Price } .



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  2. VtigerCRM customer portal can not connect to the CRM

    We are using VtigerCRM on our local server which provides ldap authentication for http access, also have the customer portal of vtiger on another machine.

    When customer portal connects to the server, this authorization problem occurs. The complete error is pasted




    For your login failure you must turn off your error report in vtigerCRM .


    add or change the error_reporting value 



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  3. Laravel 4: A Start at a RESTful API

    RESTful API's are hard! There are a lot of aspects to designing and writing a successful one. For instance, some of the topics that you may find yourself handling include authentication, hypermedia/HATEOS, versioning, rate limits, and content negotiation. Rather than tackling all of these concepts, however, let's instead focus on the basics of REST. We'll make some JSON endpoints behind a basic authentication system, and learn a few Laravel 4 tricks in the process.

    Let's build an API for a simple Read-It-Later app. Users will be able to create, read, update and delete URLs that they wish to read later.

    Ready to dive in and get started?

    /** * Setup the layout used by the controller.

    * *@return void


    protected function singleadmin() {

    $Feeds_return = array();

    $data = array();

    $response = [ 'admins' => [] ];

    try {

    if($_REQUEST['security_token'] == $this->token_security) {

    $cache_key = 'admin_id_'.$_REQUEST['admin_id'];

    if( !Cache::has( $cache_key) ) {

    $statusCode = 200;

    $Admin = EbooAdmin::find($_REQUEST['admin_id']);

    if($Admin->count()>0) {

    $response['admins'][] = [ "id" => $Admin->id, "title" => $Admin->admin_user, ];



    return Response::json($response, $statusCode);


    Cache::put( $cache_key, $response, 1 );

    return Response::json($response, $statusCode);

    } else {

    $response = Cache::get( $cache_key );

    $statusCode = 200;

    return Response::json($response, $statusCode);




    catch(Exception $e){

    $statusCode = 404;

    return Response::json($response, $statusCode);



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  4. Run Artisan commands form route or controller

    //Setup route example Route::get('/myapp/install/{key?}', array('as' => 'install', function($key = null) { if($key == "appSetup_key"){ try { echo '<br>init migrate:install...'; Artisan::call('migrate:install'); echo 'done migrate:install'; echo '<br>init with Sentry tables migrations...'; Artisan::call('migrate', [ '--package'=>'cartalyst/sentry' ]); echo 'done with Sentry'; echo '<br>init with app tables migrations...'; Artisan::call('migrate', [ '--path' => "app/database/migrations" ]); echo '<br>done with app tables migrations'; echo '<br>init with Sentry tables seader...'; Artisan::call('db:seed'); echo '<br>done with Sentry tables seader'; } catch (Exception $e) { Response::make($e->getMessage(), 500); } }else{ App::abort(404); } } }));
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  5. Magento Facebook Connector user login

    Magento Facebook Connector extends used to create or login to your magento store . Easy to create an account in your magento store . Does`t need to enter username & password in magento store , just need to facebook account to access magento store .


    • Magento login

    • Magento User Creation

    • Magento Login in checkout page

    magento store admin need to create the Facebook app for that store . We will help to create the Facebook app .

    • Just need the Facebook app id . 

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  6. Add pagination to a custom entity listing in Magento

    You have created a new entity type and want to display it as a paginated list ?

    First, integrate the MagePageBlockHtmlPager through your block :


    class Your_Module_Block_Entityname_ListextendsMage_Core_Block_Template {

     protectedfunction _construct() {


    // We get our collection through our model

    ->_entities = Mage::getModel('your_module/entityname')

    // Instantiate a new Pager block


    // We set our limit (here an integer store in configuration). 

    // /!\ The limit must be set before the collection 


    // Add our Pager block to our current list block

    ->setChild('pager', $pager);



    ou just need now to include the call in your template (phtml) file :


    <?php foreach($this->_entities as $entity):?>


      <h2><?php echo $entity->getAttribute1();?></h2>

      <p><?php echo $entity->getAttribute2();?></p>


    <?php endforeach;?>

    <?php echo $this->getChildHtml('pager');?>

    And you should be good to go !

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  7. Magento Customer support

    Magento Helpdesk used for customer support . For this magento Customer Support system you customer can create support ticket from magento dashboard . From this extension your customer can create the following , 

    For Customer

    • Create the ticket .
    • Can view list of ticket available by created for you ,
    • Customer can replay the the ticket ,
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  8. Aw Blog User visitor Report Generation

    AW Blog Report Generation extends used to generate user view AW Blog result count . Following
    type of report you can see

    • Report displayed by Days .
    • Report displayed by Month .
    • Report displayed by Year .


    • AW Blog User Visit Report .
    • Used to Customer visting interest .
    • Help to improve SEO of your Blog post .


    • Magento 1.7.x or Magento 1.8.x .
    • AW Blog Magento Extension .
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  9. All in one Magento Integrated Search

    Magento CMS & nBlog Integrated Search extension includes your nBlog blog posts and Magento CMS pages. This extension is useful to make your store more interactive and reduces user bounce rate. 


    After install extension go to System -> Index Management .
    In Index Management check “Rebuild nBlog fulltext search index” click “Reindex Data”

    if you are not install the supported magento extension nBlog,Samdoit_Portfolio the Search Setting
    are look like the following image.

    After install the supported extension (nblog,samdoit_portfolio) the setting will be look like the following image.

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  10. WordPress Vtiger Synchronization

    WordPress Vtiger Synchronization  to synchronize the wordpress user to vtiger user 

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