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  1. Add Magento Admin User Using MySQL Script

    This script quickly adds a Magento Admin user directly into the database. It is possible to run this script from the command line or by copying and pasting into phpMyAdmin. Just make sure to edit the following fields with your personalized data and import. Most of these fields are trivial, I’m just listing them so you don’t miss anything.

    1. Set the salt portion of your password. You’ll rarely need to change this. If you do, just use two lower case letters of your choice.
    2. Set your password. At least 8 characters in length and at least one digit.
    3. Firstname: Enter admin’s first name.
    4. Lastname: Enter admin’s last name.
    5. Enter email of admin user.
    6. Enter username where ‘myuser’ is set. Notice ‘myuser’ shows up in two places.
    7. Enter Firstname again. This is more symbolic to label the rule.
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  2. CRUD operation in PhoneGap application using SQLite Database

    Few days ago I received a comment from one of the reader of my blog to show an example on CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) with the database. So in this post we will explore the use of CRUD operation using SQLite database in PhoneGap application.

    CRUD can be described as a process, which helps the user to add, view, search and modify the information inside the database.

    Here are the basic steps which demonstrates CRUD operation.

    • Create or add new entries
    • Read, retrieve, search or view existing entries
    • Update, modify or edit existing entries
    • Delete, deactivate or destroy existing entries

    Before doing any operation on database let’s initialize the database first, either using HTML5 local database concept or using SQLite plugin.

    Let’s add the following javascript to initilze the

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