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  1. How to Use Ultimate Backup Uploader

    Create the Dropbox app use this following url

    Go to your admin panal menu click the menu by


     then click the button called 

    Check Available Backup

    all the already taken bakup files are uploaded to Dropbox what are already linked to this site.

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  2. How to create DropBox app

    Create DropBox app

    DropBox Create New App


    Then click the button “Create App” . then you hava a access key and secret look like following image

     After Creating DropBox App login to your Magento store admin go to


    DropBox App

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  3. How to Set, Retrieve and Unset Session Variables in Magento

    Use of session in Magento:
    Let’s start this blog with the session definition, ‘It is a way to preserve certain data across subsequent accesses’. This enables you to build more customized applications and increase the appeal of your web site. Now, Let’s see how to set ,unset and retrieve a session in Magento.


    Generally, Magento session is handled by core Module ‘core/session’. We use “set<session name>” to set a session variable. For more understanding, look on to the following syntax and example.


    Mage::getSingleton(‘core/session’)->set<YOUR SESSION NAME>(<VARIABLE NAME>);
    Example :
    $myValue =’test’;


    In this example, I have

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  4. How to Use Magento Default Newsleter

    Magento e-commerce has a standard newsletter function that is really useful if you get it to work . This post will highlite the major issues why your newsletter is not sending to your customers.

    1. Magento schedules and sends the newsletters using a cronjob script called “cron.php” located in you Magento installation root folder. To schedule this cronjob you need to access your web server using ssh (You can use for example Putty). For more information see the Magento wiki.
    2. If you don’t want to schedule the cronjob you need to go twice to the cron.php file in your browser e.g. every time you want to send your newsletter. The first time it will schedule the newsletter and the second time it will send the newsletter.
    3. After login with ssh type: crontab -e This will open an editor. It is possible that the contents will be empty if you have never set up crontabs for the current
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  5. Magento Module Development Database Option

    In this blog we will see advanced operations in model and collection, to execute complex sql queries. We will look into collections and details of resource models.


    First let’s look at model and collection architecture in magento. If you look at a magento model class it extends Mage_Core_Model_Abstract which intern extends Varien_Object.The class Mage_Core_Model_Abstract has function like getId(), load(), save(), delete() etc .

    SQL and Mysql4 Resource Files


    Mysql4 resource files, as I mentioned earlier are used to perform database queries on tables. Below will list how we do sql operations inside resource files.



    Suppose we have the file Excellence_Test_Model_Mysql4_Test resource file.

    class Excellence_Test_Model_Mysql4_Test
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  6. Magento Wordpress Related Post

    Magento Wordpress Related Post using fishpig integration display Related Post

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  7. Git Update Index Assume Unchanged

    If you are modifyed some file automaticaly like log , cache in any application , web site on development or live . you does`t  want to update that particular file into your git repository .

    You have a question about How to change Git updated index to previous index setting , just use this following comment in your comment line with current available git copy of your folder .

    find {your folder} -type f -exec git update-index --assume-unchanged '{}' \;

    for example from magento change the index of media folder

    find media/catalog/product/v/ -type f -exec git update-index --assume-unchanged '{}' \;

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  8. Difference between getSingleton and getModel in Magento

    Hi friends,

    Some people ask about the difference between

    Mage::getModel() and Mage::getSingleton()

    in Magento. Here is the difference between these two:


    will create a new instance of the model object (if such object exists in configuration)
    So if we write:


    it will create new instance of the object product each time. So,

    $p1 = Mage::getModel('catalog/product');
    $p2 = Mage::getModel('catalog/product');

    Then $p1 is a one instance of product and $p2 is another instance of product.

    While Mage::getSingleton('catalog/product') will create reference on existing object (if object does not exist then this method will create an instance using ::getModel() and returns reference to it).
    So, if

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  9. Magento Wordpress integrated search

    Magento Wordpress Integrated Search

    Magento Wordpress integrated search is used to search your blog content in your magento search.view your blog content results in magento front end .

    Content Search From

    * wordpress blog

    * Hesk  Knowledgebase

    * Drpal content

    * Joomla content

    comeing soon...

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  10. Get current store Data , id and more in magento

    Here is the detail for Get current store id in magento

    Magento Get store data.


    Magento Store Id


    Magento Store code


    Magento Website Id


    Magento Store Name


    Magento Is Active


    Magento Store Home Url.


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