Do you want the multi store magento from Single installation of magento . If you want create multi store magento proceed my following way.

Process: 1

If your store have different type of Category and product then follow the steps. Catalog *then* Manage Categories *then* Add Root Category

Process: 2

Create the new Website System *then* Manage Stores *then* Create Website

fill up all asking.

Name: Name for the domain (“samdoit”)

Code : Identifier for the domain (“samdoit")


Create the new store System *then* Manage Stores *then* Create Store

Fill all fields

Website:) Select “” on dropdown .

Name: ) Use samdoit_com identify of store.

Root Category:) Select Categories from category list by default "Default Category"

Create store view:

System *then* Manage Stores *then* Create Store

View Store: Select “samdoit_com” show in dropdown menu.

Name and Code “samdoit_com”

Make sure all leters in smaller case Status: 'Enabled'

Process: 3

Create Magento another domains. You need to update this following files:

Find this two sample file installed

magento root directory

  • index.php.sample
  • .htaccess.sample .

Copy the two files and Rename both sample files by below names in your other domain.

  • .htaccess
  • index.php

Open “index.php”

and change line which start with“$mageFilename”

$mageFilename = ‘{Your magento root}/app/Mage.php’;

Also Change Line start with

$mageRunCode" $mageRunCode = isset ($_SERVER['MAGE_RUN_CODE']) ? $_SERVER['MAGE_RUN_CODE'] : ”;

change ' ' into Your store code

$mageRunCode = isset($_SERVER['MAGE_RUN_CODE']) ? $_SERVER['MAGE_RUN_CODE'] : ‘samdoit_com’;

Theme Changes: You must to change skin, media and javascript link . Now set Magento admin Panel by click follow way click " Configuration in System on admin panal " In Configuration tab select {YOUR website/store } from the dropdown Under Configuration tab Click "Web" under Web tab select and change the link for Secure also Unsecured : Skin Link (eg: Media Link (eg: JavaScript Link (eg: Now you done . Now your multiple stores magento is ready to use. We can create you a Magento Theme for your site by just copy the folder and paste the folder into {your magento}/skin/frontend/default/{your theme} " and paste it as your store name and then just go the "system *then* configuration *then* Web *then* Design" and change the select your store name and paste the theme name whatever you have created in magento skin folder.