You have created a new entity type and want to display it as a paginated list ?

First, integrate the MagePageBlockHtmlPager through your block :


class Your_Module_Block_Entityname_ListextendsMage_Core_Block_Template {

 protectedfunction _construct() {


// We get our collection through our model

->_entities = Mage::getModel('your_module/entityname')

// Instantiate a new Pager block


// We set our limit (here an integer store in configuration). 

// /!\ The limit must be set before the collection 


// Add our Pager block to our current list block

->setChild('pager', $pager);



ou just need now to include the call in your template (phtml) file :


<?php foreach($this->_entities as $entity):?>


  <h2><?php echo $entity->getAttribute1();?></h2>

  <p><?php echo $entity->getAttribute2();?></p>


<?php endforeach;?>

<?php echo $this->getChildHtml('pager');?>

And you should be good to go !