I have a downloadable product. After I order the product and when my order is complete, I am able to download the product links from ‘My Downloadable Products’ menu in Customer Account section.

I go to ‘My Downloadable Products’ section and I click on the links to download. However, the PDF file opens in the browser itself. I would like to have the feature that asks to download / save as instead of directly opening in the browser.


It is fine with ZIP files. It asks to download and save. However, the PDF files, Images, HTML files, etc. are directly opened in the browser. I want them to download and save. So, a window appearing and asking to save and download the file is what I want.

Download product links not work
Download product links not work


There is a very easy solution to this.

By default, Magento has the Configuration settings to make those files open in the browser itself. You can adjust the configuration settings in Magento Admin to ask for download files instead of opening in the browser.

- Go to System -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Downloadable Product Options -> Use Content Disposition
- Change the setting from inline to attachment.

Now, whenever you click the downloadable link, a pop window will always open and ask to download or open the file.

Hope it helps. Thanks.