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Magento CMS & nBlog Integrated Search extension includes your nBlog blog posts and Magento CMS pages. This extension is useful to make your store more interactive and reduces user bounce rate. 


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Magento CMS & nBlog Integrated Search extends your default Magento search to include your Magento CMS pages and nBlog posts content in search results.  Blog contents are now listed in search results from integrated nBlog to ensure more keywords and content visibility to user. This extension will reduce the user bounce rate and keep your search more interactive and effective than before. 

Integrating nBlog to Magento is a common way to have blog, more traffic and many more advantages. nBlog extension is well known for an effective blog in Magento community. Magento nBlog Integrated Search is compatible with nBlog extension.

  • Have an Option to enable/disable for Magento CMS Page .
  • Have an Option to enable/disable for Magento nBlog CMS Post .
  • Have an Option to enable/disable for Magento Samdoit portfolio Extension .
  • Option to enable/disable for Magento Search Terms Display & number of terms disply .
  • Display search result with pagination . 
All content available with pager . So if your result count more than 100 it will show you in pagination . We give you the frontend option to customer can select no of result come to single page .


  • Magento 1.7.x , Magento 1.8.x .
  • nBlog Magento Extension .
  • Samdoit portfolio Extension .
More Information

You will see the following results in search result in Magento

  • Magento Product Search Result .
  • Magento Search Terms Display .
  • Magento CSM pages Search Result .
  • nBlog post Search Result .
  • Samdoit portfolio Extension Result .
  • Search result with pagination . 
Change Log

Version 1.0.0


  • Initial version .
  • nBlog search result .
  • Popular Search Terms display .
  • Samdoit Portfolio Search Result .
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